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Kokiʻo - ʻUlaʻula ʻĀlani

Kokiʻo - ʻUlaʻula ʻĀlani

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Print Description:

The Kōkiʻo ʻUlaʻula print honors a specific species of hibiscus, Hibiscus kokio subsp. kokio that is endemic to Hawaiʻi and can be found on all of the main Hawaiian islands, except Kahoʻolawe and Niʻihau. Kōkiʻo ʻUlaʻula is known for having narrow-petaled red flowers that are perpetually in bloom. Early Hawaiians found many uses for the plant including making lei from its flowers, charcoal from its wood, and as an ingredient in medicinal treatments for blood purification and laxatives.



First Image: 5 1/2" x 7" Swatch is shown in Luster/Kapolei 

Second Image: 7" x 7" Digital Swatch 

Third Image: 20" x 20" Digital Swatch

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