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Adze - Gold

Adze - Gold

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The Adze - Gold textile draws inspiration from the traditional Hawaiian tool known as "Ko'i". Ko'i was essential for tasks like harvesting trees, crafting canoes, and carving ki'i (statues). This exquisite textile features a stunning golden hue embellished with a captivating pattern of adzes.

The Adze - Gold Hawaiian design textile reflects the rich cultural heritage of Hawai'i. Specifically, it pays homage to the skilled craftsmanship and historical significance of the adze. This design embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and beauty in every thread.

Adze - Gold Hawaiian Design Textile Images

  1. 5 1/2" x 7" Swatch is shown in Luster/Kapolei
  2. Adze - Gold Hawaiian design textile showcased on a decor pillow.
  3. 7" x 7" Digital Swatch
  4. 28" x 28" Digital Swatch
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